Why are you waiting so long?

Lately I have been plagued with inquiries from perspective wedding clients. I love speaking with new clients and hearing their stories. However, I'm noticing a major issue lately. Many brides are waiting until 6 months, sometimes even 3 months prior to the wedding to start searching for a photographer. Why? Searching for a photographer 3 months before your wedding is a very bad idea! There is so much that goes into a wedding day, and leaving out one of the most important aspects of your day could lead to devastation. Finding a photographer that isn't already booked within three months could lead to having "Uncle Bob" photograph your wedding. Though we all love "Uncle Bob", he is NOT the person you want photographing your wedding day. 

Wedding photography is so much more than just snapping off a picture and posting it to Facebook! This is one of the most important days of your life; it's the beginning of the rest of your life. Choosing a photographer is an extremely important step during the planning process. The photographs you look back on in twenty years (hopefully much longer), are going to rekindle the memories that you shared during that day. Why in the world would you want to skimp on this by going last minute and scrapping together a photographer? Choose a photographer who's style is something that you immediately love. Pick a few that have a similar trait in their artwork. Yes photography is art! From that point you should be narrowing it down to find the photographer with the personality that will match yours! In essence, you are going to be starting a relationship with your photographer.

Waiting until the last minute will limit your bonding time with the one person who's going to document your journey to married life. Think long and hard about what type of person will fit this position.  

Last minute limits  

The last minute photographers are going to be the amateurs who don't typically place much emphasis on our craft. You may have good luck and find a good pro who still has the date opened. But why are you willing to take that chance on the most important day of your life together?