Terrible business, terrible person

As a photographer, we provide a service to our clients. A service that is surely a luxury, not a necessity, which means that customer service is at the forefront of what we are doing. We are the artist, the sales rep, and public relations all in one package. Unless of course you run a multi fasted studio with other photographers. Typically everything we do as photographers tends to be very personal to each and every client.

For me, a photograph is all about the story. I would assume for many others, this is also the case. Behind every image is a story. However, this may not be the case with a select few in the business. In fact, I am beginning to believe there are some photographers who aren't in it to be artists. These individuals just assume they are better than anyone else and can do and say whatever they please. A story came to light this past weekend that has rattled some photographers in the industry, including me. The story came out of Fresno California between a portrait photographer and her recent client. 

Initially very excited to receive a preview image, Katrina Ortiz (client) posted the image to her Facebook page with a very nice comment. Her photographer Desiree Genera followed up to her post with a comment every client loves to see and read, including a name tag.

"Your order will be ready on tuesday <3"

Tuesday would've been well ahead of schedule, and I don't know a single client or past client that wouldn't love to hear news like this! I love to over deliver ahead of schedule to all my clients, and typically this is very possible, depending on the volume of work. But this story takes an abrupt turn rather quickly. 

At 9pm on Tuesday (as reported by PetaPixel), Katrina (client) messaged Desiree (photographer) through Facebook messenger. The message was very simple and polite. She asked whether her images would still be ready ahead of schedule as stated on her post. At this time, everything began to slide downhill very fast. A quick attack was returned to Katrina (client) by her photographer. 

Desiree states (very rudely) the client has interrupted her and interruptions "like this" cause a longer delay. I'm not sure how a quick message prevents a clients small photo session from being completed early or even on time. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like there is a lack of talent and professionalism. 

If you'd like to see everything that you shouldn't be, whether in business or as a person, you should definitely go check out the full story! 

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