Simple life


I've been sitting here with my coffee, watching out my window at Fells Point. The moment produced a thought about the simple life. Not necessarily life, but as a photographer. Sometimes we heavily over think everything we are trying to produce. It's not hard to do as a creator. I actually believe it is a good thing to have such large ambition toward creating a photograph that resonate in your own heart. But there is that fine line between too much, and not enough. 

Brings me to what I was thinking about during an impromptu photoshoot a couple weeks back. The shoot was originally planned to be a 'B-Roll' shoot for my YouTube Channel, which quickly turned into something more. A 'Run and Gun' shoot, with one strobe two lenses and whatever location we came to in the neighborhood. As photographers, we have to constantly be creating and honing in on the craft. If we aren't doing this, it's questionable why we even shoot in the first place. 

This Fall has posed a major life challenge after loosing my 12 year old lab who has been my sidekick for as many years. Moving forward, I think it's time to bring the personal challenge of creating photographs with one light on the go, no major set ups. This all aside from my clients and the work I produce for them, I love you all! Can I incorporate my editorial/journalistic style into these shoots with one light. There is only one way to find out. If you live in the Fells Point area of Baltimore, you will likely see this happening if you are out and about. Come say hi, I am always open to a good conversation. Who knows, maybe you'll find the photographer you've been looking for in the process!