Senior portraits, not yearbook photos

There is such a misconception between the senior portraits that many high schoolers get each year, and their year book photos. Frankly the yearbook photos are boring, they lack artistic style and creativity. They serve one purpose and one purpose only, as a headshot to list each classmate alphabetically. Everyone gets them, but no one pays for them (hopefully).

What are senior portraits?

Senior portraits are editorial portrait sessions that are specific to each and every teenager. From athletes to dance, or just the run at the mill typical teenager. These photographs are curated to tell the story of each senior. Cherished by parents forever, and hopefully by each teenager when they look back during college graduation in their early twenties. 

Annapolis senior session

Annapolis senior session


How do I decide on a portrait session? 

Every session is different. It sounds cliche, but it is incredibly true. Deciding on a theme for a senior portrait session is an individual decision. If you are a parent reading this; think about who they are as a person. Where are there favorite places to hang out? What are their hobbies? What are their aspirations? These all take a huge place in creating a great senior portrait that will be remembered for many years. 

Why you should have senior portraits

I can go on and try to sell you on senior portraits. But I'm not someone that likes to sell something that people don't want. It's completely up to you, BUT, you might want to think about some things.  

Looking back on my own graduation, I feel let down that I never had a great portrait done. I was in my prime, heading off to play baseball with huge dreams of going pro. Instead, I've been left with some very basic digital images of my baseball career that ended short. I don't regret the short comings of my career in baseball, but I do regret never having those portraits as a reminder. 

For those seniors who are aspiring to be great, it is not a regret I would wish on them. Rather, take the opportunity they have now before life gets busy!  

It doesn't matter who has the school contract! 

This topic has come up so many times. There is a particular company that has been involved in senior (pictures) for many years. I won't go into the alienation of the company because some decent photographers have broken away from them. This company is only taking year book photos and there is nothing creative about them. 

Leave the year book photos where they belong. Those aren't the images that you are going to look back on and appreciate where you've come from. They're the pictures you'll be laughing at, wondering 'what in the world you were thinking'! A great senior portrait session is a commercial production that would fit perfectly into a magazine. They are for you personally(seniors) and if you want to purchase the yearbook supplement, perfect! But you are NOT, let me repeat, NOT, subject to use the same company who has been contracted for the yearbook. Invest in something better!

Not to mention hiring a commercial photographer to capture these images, is much more personal. You'll be impressed with the customer service and personal touch when you do! Just do the research and look across the country, you'll be very impressed to see this! My personal and business views have evolved over time and intertwine. I feel as though keeping up with the seniors I'm working with is vital. Whether they are part of my ambassador program or normal clients.