Creating a portrait


As I am writing this, it is National Dance Day. Created by the producer and judge of, So you Think You Can Dance, Nigel Lythgoe to promote and search for the most talented dancers. It made me think about the different dancers that I have photographed over the last year. In the most basic term, 'talent' is what I gravitate toward. To me, people who have tapped into, and practice their talent are the most important group in our society. They are the individuals who will create a future that we can all look back on and be proud of. Telling the stories of those people is the most important aspect of a portrait. 

So that leads back to the question; What is a portrait?  


The literal definition: "A likeness of a person, especially of the face, as a painting, drawing, or photograph" -( I suppose 'liking people', is how we are trying to define this? I love people, and I love stories. Combine the two and you create a portrait. In the end, what matters the most, is telling the stories of the people that impact us. Every story is interpreted subjectively, correlating back to the art of photography. It is the job of the photographer to create an image that leaves the eye in question of what, when, where, how in some form. If none of those questions have perked the curiosity of the mind, than the photograph has failed. Failure, however, leads to success in the purest form.


The hunger for success, creates a challenge for any and all portrait photographers, and what keeps us all coming back for more. A natural born athlete, and creator, I'm always hungry for a challenge. One of the biggest challenges we all can relate to, is people. What makes them original? How did they end up in their current position of life? Where have they been?  

Every author has a different style of writing that we are drawn to, just as every photographer has a style that we are attracted to. It's a form of human attraction, proven for hundreds of years. Like many, my style has evolved over time and slowly become unique to my own personality. To be completely transparent, I have sucked at times, and succeeded others. Combining a love for landscapes, cityscapes, cinematic color grading and portraits combined, slowly developing a style that is unique to me. What is most important to myself, and my clients, is that I will always deliver work that holds true to my own eye. In the end, the story is what matters the most. It's that piece of art that will be passed down through the generations for years. 


What is your story? I am always looking forward to hearing a new narrative that I can transform into a photograph.