A personal touch in a busy market

Heading into wedding season, I tend to move so fast that I forget to slow down and think about some things. This is one of those moments, where I'm not doing anything. No seriously, I'm sitting on the couch debating what I should add to my "to do list". In my relentless thought process, one thing came to mind. The personal touch I love to add for my clients! To me, clients are another opportunity to create awesome photographs! 

With each of these opportunities comes a whole new story to tell. I like to go beyond the photographs. It's hard for me to describe this process in my head, so I will just hop right into something we did recently for an engagement session. 

The couple is from Brooklyn, New York. Ironically now live in Long Island City, which is where one of my favorite photographs of them was taken.  

These two are somewhat of an odd couple, but once you get to know them, you realize it's meant to be. Hipsters you should call them (they happily accept), and coffee gurus alike. This is the part where I tell you, we bonded pretty well because of the coffee. Now I don't know a whole lot about the specifics to coffee, I just really love to try everything coffee. So it was only fitting that I work with this couple! Back to my point, the personal touch. 

Sometimes adding a personal touch takes a little more thought, but this was a "no brainer". We had the usual props for the engagement session, however we wanted more. Luckily for this project I was able to collaborate with my girlfriend who has another friend that creates custom prints for mugs and glasses. One location for this photoshoot was Sweetleaf coffee in Brooklyn, New York (amazing coffee house), which was the perfect opportunity. We presented the couple with a pair of custom mugs for their coffee to begin the engagement session. 

Custom mugs

Custom mugs

It worked out better than planned. The look on their eyes, to see custom mugs made specifically for them, for this occasion, priceless! Looking back on this engagement session, I realized something. Without those mugs, it would've been, just a typical coffee shop photo session. It sort of brought back memories of scenes from Friends, where they were in the coffee shop and everyone had a different mug. Except this scene was much more subtle. 

No matter who my clients are, I always plan on adding some sort of personal touch for each. I believe every photographer should be out there doing this. But than again, that is just my personal opinion in a very saturated market.